Clarissa Delgado joins the Blue Zones Project Monterey County as the Sr. Event & Office Specialist. Her focus is make sure her team and committee members are set-up for success. She does the same for various community events, so that they run smoothly and efficiently.

Prior to Blue Zones Project, she worked as a Project Manager for one of Kaiser Permanente’s Population Care Management Departments in Los Angeles, CA. In this role, she thoroughly enjoyed sharing the Plant Slant principle while encouraging healthcare staff and patients to take on a 21-day plant-based challenge.

Clarissa received her Master’s in Public Health from Emory University in Atlanta, GA and has worked in a variety of sectors including environmental non-profits, big energy data, and population health. She brings to the team her skills in community outreach, data analytics, and problem-solving.

Clarissa’s purpose: with gifts of seeing the big picture, adding humor, discovering resources, and shaping environments—she is here to put the pieces together for the benefit of helping others succeed and improve their lives towards good health and happiness.

Outside of work, Clarissa enjoys being active outdoors, watching movies, and downshifting with her loved ones.

Random talent: can name most Disney songs within the first few notes!